The poppy breaking through the asphalt is a symbol of resilience

Innovaciones e inventos del nuevo paradigma


THRIVE II (documental del 2020, subtitulada. english embeded, 2 horas 31') link

The stunning breakthrough technologies covered in THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes have all shown promise, but the innovators behind many still need support to bring their inventions to fruition.

•Nassim Haramein 
Nassim’s remarkable Resonator technology, which is designed to access energy from the plenum and to provide gravitational control, is still under development and not yet for sale.

Torus Tech’s Ark Crystals are custom grown and uniquely charged in the field of the Resonator – to link with the structure of the plenum. The field of the Ark Crystals is showing beneficial results with structuring water, enhancing plant growth and energizing the human body. These remarkable cutting edge artifacts can be ordered at

•Heart Akerson

The current centralized energy system requires about 70% of the cost of energy be used for transmission and distribution, the cost of centralization. With microgrids we can go to a more decentralized system and pay for it by reducing the 70%.(


Free from fuel

Water can power your car and heat your house, even with material from your hardware store. We show you how it’s done. An invention without patents. (drycell)
Tengo el DIY manual y DVD que puedo prestar.


Biomimicry Institute

“We’re awake now, and the question is how do we stay awake to the living world?  How do we make the act of asking nature’s advice a normal part of everyday inventing?”
– Janine Benyus

•Ask Nature
It's time to ask nature.

"When we ask Nature, first we quiet our human cleverness. Then we ask, and then we listen. The answer is the echo that bounces off of the land herself.With the solution in hand, we always end the circle by saying thank you" Janine Benyus


E-Dina (Colombia)

Desarrollar proyectos de investigación que impacte positivamente comunidades con estricto apego al desarrollo sostenible, la eficiencia energética y transferencia tecnológica.

Our Projects

•Zeuss Project 
Magneto Electric Generator Motor.

•Water Light Project
This project was born in April 2016 and consists of a specially designed electronic circuit that manages to extend the transfer of ions from a saline medium to convert them into useful and immediate energy.

Un dispositivo que crea energia electrica utilizando solo el agua salada


BLUE Economy

"In natures economy the currency is not money, it is life" 
Vandana Shiva 

Nature offers space for companies and entrepreneurs that create more from less. Blue Economy supports these innovations and offers them a platform. The future needs Green Economy, Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a holistic innovation.

112 Innovations : 
hasta la fecha de hoy 14 Nov. 2021; cada caso es un PDF para download.


Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives (ZERI) is a global network of creative minds seeking solutions to world challenges. The common vision shared by the members of the ZERI family is to view waste as resource and seek solutions using nature's design principles as inspiration.

ZERI projects around the world


Service Space

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -- Howard Thurman

ServiceSpace is an organization run entirely by volunteers. We leverage technology to encourage everyday people around the world to do small acts of service. Our aim is to ignite the fundamental generosity in ourselves and others, creating both inner and outer transformation. 

ServiceSpace was conceived by volunteers, was built by volunteers, and is run by volunteers -- all for the benefit of volunteers. Our projects range from a daily positive news service, to an acts-of-kindness portal, to a gift-economy restaurant. Regardless of the endeavor, we act in concert to create service opportunities for each other and to support each other's service journeys.

• Karma Kitchen (growing in generosity)

Karma Kitchen link
Karma Kitchen first opened in Berkeley on March 31st 2007, by several volunteers inspired to seed the value of a "gift economy". It has now spread around the globe. Karma Kitchen is a project of Service Space.

Locations Around the Globe

• Daily Good (news that inspires)
DailyGood was born in 1998, when one college student started sharing inspiration with a half a dozen of his friends by sending them an enriching quote every day.
Our philosophy is quite simple: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." The entire project is fully run by dedicated volunteers who contribute hundreds of hours finding the right stories and quotes. All of our content is distributed and syndicated for free. We don't advertise or promote any products. We don't ask for anything with the trust that whatever is needed will come.
Daily Good is a project of Service Space.



Eugenio Monesma, productor y realizador de  


La Construccion tradicional (37 videos)
Antaño, la autosuficiencia en el medio rural era tan patente que siempre se podía encontrar a alguien en el pueblo o en las localidades cercanas que tuviera los conocimientos necesarios para emprender la construcción de paredes de piedra, bordas, casas y otros edificios. En esta serie he recogido la obtención y elaboración de materiales para los trabajos de obra y las diferentes técnicas constructivas que utilizaban esos materiales obtenidos del mundo vegetal y mineral.

(418 videos)
Son muchos los oficios, actividades productivas, artesanías, técnicas de explotación, etc. que han desaparecido o están a punto de dejar de existir. Durante más de 40 años he ido recuperando por los pueblos de España aquellos oficios que estaban a punto de extinguirse, gracias a la voluntad de sus últimos profesionales.

169 - Clay crafts to make, decorate and bake more than 1,000 ceramic pieces 
En Salvatierra de los Barros

Instrumentos musicales (21 videos)
Afortunadamente, jóvenes músicos amantes de las tradiciones están recuperando tanto la técnica de fabricación de instrumentos musicales como las melodías que se tocaban con ellos. En cada rincón de España encontramos instrumentos singulares que amenizaban las fiestas de antaño. En estos documentales que iré subiendo al canal se puede ver cómo se construyen salterios, tambores, flautas, rabeles, zanfoñas, violines, guitarras, gaitas y otros muchos instrumentos musicales.


Oficios para el recuerdo (11 videos de Arnedo television)


Soluciones que ya funcionan (17 videos - Carlos playlist)


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