The poppy breaking through the asphalt is a symbol of resilience

Sacred Activism

Means bringing a spiritual perspective and practices to meeting the global crises. From  a sacred activist point of view, consciousness-change and systems-change go together, translating the realization of our deep interconnectedness with each other, nature and our own sacred Source into the transformation to regenerative, just and cooperative social systems.

Time to care for Earth



'Spiritual Ecology' book extract PDF
Spiritual Ecology (edited by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee)


Centers and online Communities


Sacred Mountain Sangha 
(Thanissara and Kittisaro)

Rocky mountain ecodharma retreat center
We bring Buddhism and Dharma back into the natural world where they originated, and in doing so, regain the connection and energy necessary to effectively address ecological and related social crises.
We call all of this Ecodharma. (Just 30 minutes from Boulder, CO)

One Earth Sangha 
Moving Mindfulness from "Me" to "We".
Explore awakened response, Together at an Edge.

Earth Holder Community (
The Earth Holder Community is the branch of the Plum Village tree that applies Thay’s (Thích Nhất Hạnh) deep teachings about falling in love with Mother Earth, mindful living, and compassionate action to the climate crisis in order to heal and transform individual, collective, and planetary suffering.

Articles and talks

Science and nonduality (sacred activism)

Time to care for Earth

Education for Happiness - Paradigm Shift
But what collective transformation might correspond to the personal awakening that Buddhism has always promoted? "The Buddha attained individual awakening. Now we need a collective enlightenment to stop the course of destruction" (Thich Nhat Hanh)  (from page 8, Ecodharma by David R. Loy)

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