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⚕ Por un mundo sin vacunas - ⚕ For a world without vaccines 🤸‍♀️

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📍 Actualización del 19 Abril  2024

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Una Dosis de Realidad (Febrero 2023)

La pretensión es mostrar cómo las vacunas han sido, y son, el Caballo de Troya de la medicina occidental, caballo que galopa a lomos de la Teoría de la infección, nunca demostrada hasta la fecha.

🦠 Me ha gustado mucho el documental. Bien hecho, con mucho cariño, dinámico, informativo, didáctico, divertido y sin censura. 👍✌️

Las 6 dosis disponibles en Odysee y Rumble

1️⃣ª Dosis:

LA TEORÍA (1:04:22)

2️⃣ª Dosis:

¿SON NECESARIAS? (1:13:50)

3️⃣ª Dosis:

¿FUNCIONAN? (1:17:38)

4️⃣ª Dosis:

¿SON SEGURAS? (1:25:15)

5️⃣ª Dosis:


6️⃣ª Dosis:


6 Dosis

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The End of COVID   🔚 


Over 100.000 men and women have already opted in to learn the truth about the 'pandemic'. Join them during our Free Replay period Oct. 1st-11th by signing up below.

Hoy es el 5 Octubre 2023

✔️ With The End of COVID, we’ve created a library of videos to educate the public on what’s happened over the last three years. Plus, the decades before it. Over the course of 90+ sessions, we go all the way back to the origins of germ theory, and touch on every so-called “pandemic” up to the present. This collection of information exposes pandemics for what they really are: a big show. One that's been on-air since TVs were in black and white.

🌱 Bonus session :

92 - BONUS The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle - Hosted by Dawn Lester

📝 During this time from 1 to 11 of October you can download 90+ sessions. You can buy it (lifetime access) too for supporting this project and for educate oneself. I did it. Very much need it in these times of confusion. I download the ones that took my attention most.

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