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Monday, July 25, 2016

25 July 2020, the Day out of time. Time is art

July 25 is called The Day Out of Time based on a theory linked to the Mayan Calendar or Tzolk'in 🔗

One Earth, One People, One Time

Our vision is a globally unified humanity living in a New Time based on synchronicity, where TIME IS ART. In the New Time, synchronicity is the norm.

Start where you art!

The Day Out of Time is the day to celebrate time is art. And since art is the basis of constructive peace, this day is also celebrated as International Peace through Culture Day.

The Day out of time is the culmination of the 13 Moon Calendar 🔗 year originated from the Mayan science of time. On July 25th, Sirius (the dog star) rises with the sun. This day is observed as a day free of time in the 13 Moon Calendar. It is a day of reverence and cultural appreciation for the concept 'Time is Art.' This 'free day' is the closing of a 13x28=364 day year. The Day Out of Time re-aligns the 13 Moon calendar to the solar year and re-aligns humanity into renewed appreciation for our inherent divinity and connection to nature. The 13 Moon Calendar is a Solar, Lunar, Galactic calendar that measures time from a 4th dimensional quantitative and qualitative perspective, revealing the synchronic and cyclical nature of time. The 13 Moon calendar is comprised of thirteen 28 day months, just as there are 13 lunations in a solar year. 

This calendar respects the feminine aspects of nature and integrates them in the reckoning of time. The 13 Moon Calendar also seamlessly functions with the Sacred 260 Day Count of the Maya and other Mesoamerican peoples through the ratio of 13:20. 13x20= 260 Days, which is the average length of a human gestation period. Time is Art. This is a calendar of vision which attunes and aligns us with our environment.

The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles on July 26 correlating with the star Sirius.  Each of the 13 moons has a power, action, and quality which define an annual program to synchronize our consciousness with the galactic cycles.
As a perfect measure of cosmic time, this calendar is actually a 🔗 synchronometer, an instrument for measuring synchronicity. Followed daily, it gives us a new lens in which to perceive events. In the New Time, synchronicity is the norm.

The 13 Moon 28-day calendar is the only calendar used by humans that takes into account the unity of planetary and galactic time.  For this reason, the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar is often referred to as a  synchronometer - a device for measuring synchronicity.

The 13-Moon 28-day measure is actually a fourth-dimensional harmonic function of galactic time. It is synchronized with the 260-day galactic spin or 🔗Tzolkin, the galactic synchronization standard, otherwise known as the 13:20 frequency. The 365-day solar cycle synchronizes with the 260-day galactic spin precisely every 52 years, to create the measure of the solar-galactic cycle.

The Gregorian Calendar is a political calendar of taxation and war derived from Babylonian timekeeping, and instated by the Vatican as a correction to the Julian calendar, which failed to account adequately for the solar year. The Gregorian too, fails to equal the mathematical superiority of the Mayan timekeepers in regards to its accuracy, but even worse, it regards time as linear like its predecessor. Its measure is based on the 12:60 ratio, which measures time as space and eliminates the integration of the 13 moons with the solar year. What seems a harmless oversight, in fact has a tremendous effect on the consciousness of humanity. Operating in an irregular and uneven shuffle of months, with no recognition of the symbols from which it is derived, time can only be viewed as limited. 

The Day Out of Time is celebrated the world over by people of all cultures who recognize the importance of a natural reckoning of time. The activities and events on the Day Out of Time are mainly determined by the participants in their respective localities. The theme of the Day Out of Time however, is universal. A day of reverence and respect for all life, a dedication to the beauty of eternal time, and an outreach of cultural and community exchange and education relative to the concept of natural time. In short, it is a day to recognize unity and encourage awareness of the importance of our eternal time. It has been celebrated annually since 1992.

🔗 Dr. Emoto was a friend of Dr. Jose Arguelles and a supporter of the 13 Moon calendar. Dr. Emoto created the Global Water Appreciation Day on July 25, which coincides with the Day out of Time, Peace through Culture festival.

The times we are living in require higher thinking. There has never in the history of the Earth been a time like this. We are now participating in what is called the biosphere-noosphere transition: When life on Earth (the biosphere) evolves into an awakened planetary mind 
Only by lifting our minds to planetary consciousness and beyond can we realize solutions to the multiple challenges facing our planet today. With a new consciousness we can effectively educate and mobilize humanity to an unprecedented level of creative problem solving, and realize a positive future. 
At present, humanity is living in an artificial experience of time that is governed by the irregular 12-month Gregorian calendar and the mechanical 60-minute clock.
Living according to this irregular measure of TIME translates into devastating effects on SPACE: our physical world. 
A profound misconception that results from this distorted linear view of TlME is the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension. This perception results in people thinking that physical reality is the only reality. 
By changing our relationship with time, we change our perception of ourselves and the world.

What is time? 
Consider this: 
Time is NOT quantity counted, but rather quality experienced. 
Time is NOT what calendars and clocks make us think it is. 
Time is NOT linear, but rather fractal and holographic. 
Time is NOT money; Time is Art. 
Like gravity, time is an invisible principle, fundamental to the universe, that affects space. Time is the atmosphere of the mind. 
Time is the universal factor of synchronization. 
Correct understanding of natural time opens us to the vast realm of synchronicity and the synchronic order - it is here that we will find new solutions to the challenges that face us, both individually and globally. 
Love is the highest art of time.

Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Stephanie South


Find out your personal Galactic Signature 🔗


Living examples like this one in Spain :
13:20 Peace Garden Lung Ta 🔗 – Tibetan for Wind Horse
Live Natural Time – Evolve Natural Mind

With the launching of 13:20 Peace Garden Lung Ta – Tibetan for Wind Horse -we like to show that from our free will it is possible to live in unity with the Earth. We acknowledge that the Earth is from herself and lives by her own time and law. We wish to be directed by this as it is expressed in the Law of Time and the 13:20 frequency of natural time.
Nowadays with environmental problems and global tension more and more people feel the need to do something for the Earth. To search, in love and with a feeling of responsibility for the Earth, new ways to commune.

Lung Ta is a free place for free people on a free Earth, that shows a possible and sustainable new future. Make the second creation together and work in a peace garden with a Global Living Room open for everyone.

Bioregion of the Warrior, Spain, natural park La Garrotxa, nearby a town called Olot in the province of Gerona.
Celebrations of 'Day Out of Time Events' from Around the World (2020) 🔗


~ White Magnetic Mirror: "Saturday, July 25, 2020"
Celebrating Peace Thru Culture & Time is Art!
Synchronized in over 90 countries around the globe! 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wisdom of Life and Death

The first retreat ever released to the public. 

A. H. Almas (18 Lectures on 9 DVDs) -1999

'Wisdom of life and death'

La sabiduria de la vida y la muerte

  • Las enseñanzas espirituales más profundas y cientificamente explicadas que jamas haya oido. Que es la vida. Que es la muerte. La sabiduria de la vida y la muerte. La escucha produce transmisión. Me siento hondamente bendecido y agradecido !

Wisdom of Life and Death

  • The most profound and scientifically explained spiritual teachings that I have ever heard. What is life. What is death.

    The wisdom of life and death. The listening produces transmission. I feel blessed and deeply thankful!
Estas son las 18 conferencias